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Sam is a marketing "swiss army knife" who can tackle any problem with a smile, and through this mentality, he developed a deep understanding of many different aspects of marketing and is quite comfortable managing multiple projects and tasks at once.

Sam is currently the Marketing Strategist at Galvanize, where he assists the company by managing the content pipeline for both Galvanize and Hack Reactor brands, managing two websites ( +, writing and strategizing email drips and communications, managing/writing/editing blogs to maintain a continuous content pipeline, project management, media communications, SEO, and other tasks that go beyond his role. For example, in addition to his primary duties, Sam acted in temporary capacities as an Email Marketer (learned to code using HTML to manage all company email communications for ~5 months) and as a Designer (created visual assets in Adobe programs and stepped in to help with website UX/UI) to ensure marketing continues to move forward as the marketing team hires for these key roles.

Previously, he was the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Colorado, where Sam served a large network of Colorado’s scale-up CEOs and entrepreneurs. Here, Sam managed communications with a prestigious network of CEOs and entrepreneurs, managed the monthly newsletter, managed the content pipeline, managed the website, and managed multiple aspects of event marketing.

Sam strives to make coworkers’ jobs easier and genuinely wants to improve everyone else’s day. Outside of work, Sam enjoys cooking, reading, music production (and better understanding theory), reading, and exploring Colorado’s outdoor playground.



757 Fairfax St.

Denver, CO 80220


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